Joshua 7.1: “…and the anger of the LORD burned against the sons of Israel.” This translation is common to many English Bible translations. It is also rather careless, I think. It still captures the idea and gets the point across, but it isn’t as accurate as it could be. There are a couple of things to sort out here: first, the meaning of the Hebrew, then second how to translate that Hebrew into good idiomatic English.
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Sometimes the storms of life can be quite devastating, even if you “prepared” for them. Devastating to the point that after it has passed we take a look at our life or faith or both and we are left wondering how, or even if, we will be able to rebuild it. This task can indeed be quite difficult, but it is also doable even though it might take a while.
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Hurricanes are a fact of life for me as Floridian. Every season (June 1 – Nov. 30) for us Floridians it’s not a matter of if we will get a hurricane, but when we will get a hurricane and how badly we will be affected by it. Sometimes we just get some rain. Other times we get a lot of rain. Still other times we get a bunch of both wind and rain. In light of this reality the prudent among us start gradually stocking up on supplies (e.
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Not everyone is at the same level of spiritual advancement. Some are further ahead than others. Some have reached levels that others never will.
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Is the path that leads to salvation narrow? That is how some English translations (KJV, NASB) translate Matthew 7.13-14 and do indeed call the path that leads to life narrow. However, this translation, I think, does not really capture what is really being said in these verses.
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Just a quick note that posts will resume starting February. Going forward I have decided on a once per month posting schedule. The hope is that this new schedule will be maintainable for the long term and that it will result in better posts. If you don’t already please follow the Facebook page. If you would like to follow via email please let me know ( I have held off on adding an email subscription option, but if there is enough interest in it I will add that ability.
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This project will be on hiatus until the end of the year. There are a couple of reasons for this. I need a break. I need time to figure out how to best move forward with this project. From the outset I have always envisioned this as basically a passion project. Something that I would enjoy doing, but that I wasn’t expecting to necessarily make any sort of money off of. The 1 article per week pace I have been writing at has proved to be too time consuming for such a project.
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Satire is wonderful art form and when executed well can bring absurdity to light.
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Yesterday (10/24/21) The Atlantic published an article by Peter Wehner who wanted, “to understand the splintering of churches, communities, and relationships” that has occurred in the “Evangelical” community over the past few years. The article makes a lot of good points and I want to respond to a few of them here.
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One of the barriers, I think, that prevents people from getting into a daily Bible reading habit is that they don’t understand what they are reading. And since they don’t understand they don’t benefit from it. And not benefitting from it they stop doing it entirely. This is unfortunate because I think it can be avoided completely. This post will discuss some ways to break down this barrier.
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