On hiatus until 2022

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This project will be on hiatus until the end of the year. There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. I need a break.
  2. I need time to figure out how to best move forward with this project.

From the outset I have always envisioned this as basically a passion project. Something that I would enjoy doing, but that I wasn’t expecting to necessarily make any sort of money off of. The 1 article per week pace I have been writing at has proved to be too time consuming for such a project. It has forced me to write a lot of pieces that I felt were more fluff than actual substantial content that is worth reading just so I could have something to publish.

Also, the pieces that have done the best are also the ones that have required the most research. Things like, “What does the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak mean?” or “Is the love of money the root of all evil?” tend to get the most views, but they also require the most research. Going through several grammars and lexicons and even commentaries in some cases takes time, even if they are in electronic format.

Additionally, there is also the issue of me needing to find a job that actually pays me money. This could also effect this project moving forward depending on how exactly it works out.

So, over the next month or so I will be working through these questions and figure out how best to answer them. Publishing at a less frequent pace (like maybe 1x/month) is an option, as is just shutting down the project completely. I will also, of course, be exploring other options as well.

I will post an update early next year with how things will be moving forward.

Tom Ferguson ThM 2018, Dallas Theological Seminary